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Growing the population still focus for Enterprise

Ventyr foast jeeraghey er mooadaghey y phobble

Bishaghey fir vreeoil 'sy tarmaynys lane-femoil da Claare son y Reiltys

Ta bishaghey fir vreeoil ayns tarmaynys yn Ellan foast focus lane-femoil y reiltys.

Shen rere yn Shirveishagh Ventyr.

Ta Laurence Skelly gra dy vel mooadaghey y pobble obbree jannoo seose clagh chorneilagh y dean strateyshagh 'Ellan y Ventyr as y Chaa' 'sy Chlaare son y Reiltys.

Ta Mnr Skelly gra dy vel caghlaaghyn er-y-gherrid da'n rheynn echey cooney dy chooilleney shen.

AS MNR SKELLY : As ta shin kiart er lhunney ny jantyssyn sheckteragh, ta fer jeh ny poyntyn cooilleenee t'ain, ta jeant geayney. As nee mayd kiaddey strateysh noa myr y nah cheim son ny jantyssyn sheckteragh shen, y strateysh harrish ooilley son y tarmaynys, Agh er-nyn-son, ec y vaare jeh shen, ta bishaghey fir vreeoil 'sy tarmaynys, myr shoh she lane-scanshoil eh dy vel shin jeeraghey er shen.


Increasing economically active key to Programme for Government 

Growing the Island's economically active population remains a key focus of the government.

That's according to the Minister for Enterprise.

Laurence Skelly says increasing the working population is a cornerstone of the 'Island of Enterprise and Opportunity' strategic objective in the Programme for Government.

Mr Skelly says recent changes to his department will help to achieve that:

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