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Drought relief scheme for farmers approved

Skeim couyr chirmid son eirinee coardit

Cooney dy ve ry gheddyn ocsyn as t'ad geearree eh

Foddee eirinee ta geearree cooney argidoil lurg cooishyn cochianglt rish yn emshir mleeaney cur stiagh da'n reiltys son cooney.

Shen lurg da Tinvaal fastyr beg Jemayrt coardail rish treealtys y Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys son skeim couyr chirmid er £1.2 millioon.

Dooyrt un oltey, OCF ass-lieh Rhumsaa Lawrie Hooper, dy row eirinee er chur eam ersyn as feysht oc mychione feme son lheid y skeim, as v'ad gra nagh row reddyn cho olk as va sleih er n'ghra.

Agh dooyrt yn Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys Geoffrey Boot nagh row shen y coontey va currit dasyn.

AS GEOFFREY BOOT :  Ta mee goaill yindys dy vel whilleen eamyn chellvane er jeet dhyt er-yn-fa, myr shirveishagh, ta coloayrtyssyn er ve aym, agh son shickyrys cha nel eamyn erbee noi er ve aym. Dy feer, ta'n chooid smoo dy eirinee goltaghey y skeim, as er-lhiam dy nee cairagh eh dy ghra, mannagh vel ad geearree cur stiagh yeearree, cha nel eh orroo cur stiagh yeearree. Agh ta'n chooid smoo dy eirinee ta mish er loayrt rish, as er-lheh Sheshaght Cheirdey Ashoonagh Vannin ny Heirinee, ta ny chaghter son yn chooid smoo dy eirinee syn Ellan, credjal dy vel y skeim shoh ny red femoil.


Aid to be available for those who want it 

Farmers who want financial help after this year's weather-related issues will be able to apply to government for aid.

It's after Tynwald on Tuesday night backed the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture's proposal for a £1.2 million drough relief scheme.

One member, Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper, said he'd been contacted by farmers who queried the need for such a scheme, saying things hadn't been as bad as they'd been made out to be.

But DEFA Minister Geoffrey Boot said that wasn't the impression he'd been given.

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