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Concerns over Dutch Elm disease

Imnea mychione gorley-lhiouan Hollanagh

Monnaghyn cronnit er billey feer henn ayns Rhumsaa

Oddagh 'gorley traartagh' ve cur ayns gaue yn earroo dy viljyn lhiouan 'syn Ellan.

Haink imnea lurg da monnaghyn dy ghorley-lhiouan Hollanagh goll er cronnaghey er fer shinney yn Ellan.

Ec 300 blein dy eash, va feme er oltyn goll er giarrey veih'n villey ayns Rhumsaa dy chur eab er shaghney doghan sodjey.

Ta gorley-lhiouan Hollanagh goll er jannoo ec fungus, foddee ve ymmyrkit ec deyllyn as ec beishteigyn elley ta goll eddyr biljyn.

Shoh cur er y virus skeaylley magh ec rate tappee, as marroo biljyn ta doghanit.

Va mysh 20 millioon dy sthock yn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit) caillt roish y ghorley 'sy vlein 1992.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys Geoffrey Boot currit dy jarroo dy yannoo shickyr nagh vel brishey magh jeh'n sorch cheddin taghyrt 'syn Ellan.

T'eh gra "Ta paart dy ve cooilleenit ec dy chooilley pheiagh 'sy voodeeys ain ayns cooney dy chur lhiettrymys er y ghorley traartagh shoh skeaylley magh. My vees oo cronnaghey billey ta jeeaghyn dy ve neu-clayntoil, my saillt, 'Jeeagh Er, Jean Foto, Cur Stiagh Eh' gys y Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys. 

Ta monnaghyn dy ghorley-lhiouan Hollanagh goaill stiagh:

  • Duillagyn as stholeyn aegey shirgaghey 
  • Neu-ghaaghey da duillagyn
  • Freayll duillagyn marroo ny tuiggyn as banglaneyn lhomey 

Foddee fotoyn dy villey gorlit as coontey jeh'n ynnyd echey ve currit da'n rheynn liorish post-l gys  dutchelmdisease.defa@gov.im ny liorish Whatsapp er 07624 490713.


Signs spotted on ancient tree in Ramsey 

A "devastating" disease could be putting the Island's elm tree population at risk.

Concerns came after signs of Dutch elm disease was spotted on the Island's oldest example.

At 300 years old, the tree in Ramsey has had to have parts of it removed to try and prevent further infection.

Dutch elm disease is caused by a fungus, which can be carried by beetles and other insects moving between trees.

This leads the virus to spread at a rapid rate, killing trees that are infected.

Around 20 million of the UK's stock were lost to the disease in 1992.

DEFA Minister Geoffrey Boot is serious in making sure a similar outbreak doesn't happen on the island.

He says "everyone in our community has a role to play in helping prevent the spread of this devastating disease. If you spot a tree that seems unhealthy please 'See It, Snap It, Send It' to DEFA."

Signs of Dutch elm disease include:

  • Wilting leaves and young shoots
  • Discolouration of leaves
  • Retention of dead leaves or bare twigs and branches.

Pictures of an infected tree and a description of its location can be sent to the department by email at dutchelmdisease.defa@gov.im or by Whatsapp on 07624 490713.

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