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MHK encourages Infrastructure progression

OCF greinnaghey Bun-Troggalys goll er oai

Chris Robertshaw briaght vel yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys goll er oai tappee dy liooar

Er-lesh Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar dy vel bun-troggalys Vannin "skyrrey ergooyl" cosoyley rish lughtyn-reill elley.

Ver Chris Robertshaw treealtys roish Tinvaal y vee shoh, shirrey er pointeil Bing Reiht dy aa-scrutaghey cur argid da bun-troggalys 'syn Ellan.

My vees coardail ry gheddyn, nee'n Ving cur tuarastyl Mee Voaldyn.

She barel Mnr Robertshaw eh dy vel feme er jannoo noa-emshiragh y polasee dy gholl ec yn un vieauid as lughtyn-reill as lughtyn-reill ynnydoil elley.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw gra, ayns ny bleeantyn dy phalchey, son shickyrys va ram argid ain dy chooilleeney ny cooishyn mooarey. Ren shin ad, ga dy row ad, ny keayrtyn, ny s'costalee na veagh shin geearree. Jeeaghyn er oai, cosoyley rish lughtyn-reill as lughtyn-reill ynnydoil elley, t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel shin skyrrey ergooyl.


MHK encourages Infrastructure progression

Chris Robertshaw questions if DoI is progressive enough

The Douglas East MHK thinks the Isle of Man's infrastructure is "slipping back" compared to other jurisdictions.

Chris Robertshaw will put a motion to Tynwald this month requesting that a Select Committee be appointed, to review infrastructure funding on the Island.

If approved, the committee will report back in May.

Mr Robertshaw is of the opinion that policy modernisation is needed to keep pace with other jurisdictions and local authorities.

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