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All Brexit eventualities considered

Dagh taghyrtys Brexit goll er sursmooinaghtyn er

Ard Shirveishagh freayll sooill ghyere er barganey

Shegin da Ellan Vannin jannoo aarloo son dagh taghyrtys choud's ta coloayrtyssyn er Brexit goll er.

She barel yn Ard Shirveishagh.

Va Howard Quayle loayrt lurg da Reiltys yn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit) clou pabyryn er ny dy yannoo mannagh vees dellal reaghit.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy vel reiltys Vannin foast tannaghtyn lesh freayll arrey er y chooish:

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Ta mee goll ersooyl dy reiltagh marish my oaseiryn as ard harvaantyn y steat ass-lieh ny rheynnyn as ta Brexit goll er jannoo orroo. Ta shin feddyn magh y smooinaghtyn s'noa, agh ta mee shein. . . ta mee cur coontey jeh ny keayrtyn myr cloagey Vanannan, dy vel kay mygeayrt dy chooilley voayl ec y traa t'ayn, as doaltattym nee eh troggal seose. As ta feme ain er ve jeant aarloo dy mie dy gholl er oai, dy haghney beinn rioee as dy ghlackey caaghyn erbee son pobble Vannin.


Chief Minister keeping watchful eye on negotiations

The Isle of Man must prepare for all eventualities as Brexit talks continue.

That's the view of the Chief Minister.

Howard Quayle was speaking after the UK government released documents offering advice on what to do in the event no deal is reached.

Mr Quayle says the Manx government is continuing to monitor the situation:

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