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Unemployment spikes for first time in three months

Job vacancies have also jumped by more than 400

Unemployment on the Isle of Man has spiked for the first time in three months.

The proportion of economically active people who are registered as being out of work has risen 0.1 percent, and now stands at 0.7 percent.

Figures for January 2024 show an increase of 25 people in comparison to the same period a year ago.

However, when comparing to the month prior, it's up by 37.

Job Centre vacancies also jumped by a significant amount of 440 positions in comparison to the previous month, and totals at 916.

Of these positions 53 percent are full-time and the remaining 42 percent were part-time.

Retail, catering and entertainment and construction are the sectors with the highest number of unemployed people.

The fields with the highest number of job vacancies is in retail, medical and health services and tourist accomodation.

Two hundred and eleven men are unemployed, compared with 111 women.

Long-term unemployment is defined as anyone who has been out of work for a year or longer, as of January, there are 26 people who fall into this category.

Geographically, the east is home to the most unemployed people at 227.

The north, south and west sit at 38, 40 and 17 respectively.

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