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No free cardboard recycling available in Garff 

Saturday, 9 September 2023 10:28

By Emma Draper

Company drops out due to 'contamination' issues

Garff Commissioners say a cardboard recycling facility in Laxey has been pulled because of 'contamination' issues. 

The provider, which hasn't been named, had put signs on its bins on Glen Road but says it didn't see a reduction in other waste being deposited.  

In a statement the commissioners say they've contacted the provider - which was offering the service free of charge - which claims it was costing them more to dispose of the extra waste.

This included general and refuse waste as well as other objects.

The commissioners add contamination has been an ‘ongoing issue’ and the company has indicated to them that would withdraw the service if it continued over several years.

A meeting was held with the operator in February this year but the service was continued for a further seven months.

However the company says it hasn’t seen a decrease in the amount of general waste in this time despite putting signs up.

The commissioners say the provider would re-instate the service if there are guarantees the public wouldn’t contaminate the cardboard with other waste.

The local authority has also confirmed the cardboard is recycled and not burnt in the incinerator.

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