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I'm a Parent

I'm a Parent:

  • Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Allowances will increase by 16.8% which represents a £588,000 increase in the overall budget spend
  • The single parent allowance is staying at £6,400
  • Child benefit is going up by 9.8% for those who are eligible to receive the full amount, from £24.25 for a first/only child and £15.96 for any subsequent children to around £26.57 and £17.51 respectively. That's a £1,078,000 increase in the overall budget spend
  • Plans for a new Castle Rushen High School, is in the section of the budget called Design and Feasibility. It's worth noting that last year six Tynwald members said they would vote against this year's budget if no definite provision was made in this year's budget
  • Funding will be requested to purchase two new double mobile classrooms to provide further short-term accommodation at Castle Rushen High School and replace the unit at Willaston Primary School, that's at the end of its useful life
  • £2m is going to Department of Education, Sport and Culture to increase the Additional Educational Needs provision on the Island, which is indicated in the budget as being £9.8m less than they need