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I'm Living with a Disability

I'm Living with a Disability:

  • The blind or disabled persons allowance is staying at £2,900
  • Disability Living Allowance is going up by 9.8% generally but 10.1% for higher rate mobility component
  • Attendance Allowance is going up by 9.8%
  • Incapacity Benefit Youth up by 10.1%
  • Income Support Carer Premium up 17.1% from £87.50 for a single person and £131.20  for a couple to around £102.46 and £153.64 respectively
  • Income Support Disability is going up by 9.8% from £65.25 for a single person and £97.91 per couple to around £71.64 and £107.51 respectively
  • Disabled Child Premiums up by 9.8% from £49.82 to around £54.70 
  • Long Term Incapacity Benefit - up 10.1% from £118.25 to around £130.23
  • Short Term Incapacity Benefit - up 10.1 from £89.23 to around £98.24
  • Nursing Care Contribution up by 10.1% from £190.74 to around £210.00
  • £2m is going to Department of Education, Sport and Culture to increase the Additional Educational Needs provision on the Island, which is indicated in the budget as being £9.8m less than they need
  • An extra £8.5m has been allocated to the Department of Health and Social Care above and beyond the inflationary increase agreed