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Warm weather produces record season for honey

Earish cheh livrey imbagh recortyssagh son mill

Shellanyn seyr veih doghan cur taitnys

Ta fer oayllee ayns Mannin er shellanyn gra dy vel yn earish cheh chirrym ec toshiaght y tourey er livrey yn imbagh share son mill t'eh er n'akin ayns jeih bleeaney as da-eed.

Ta shelleigyn ec Fer Choyrlee Reiltys Vannin er Shellanyn, Harry Owens, ayns Balley Keeill Eoin.

T'eh gra dy ren ny staydyn v'ayn ny s'leaie 'sy vlein cur da ny beishteigyn ayns Mannin, ta seyr veih doghan, caa dy ve raahoil.

AS HARRY OWENS : Yinnagh oo smooinaghtyn nish, tra v'eh chirrym cho foddey as shen dy hraa, dy beagh eh gollrish faasagh, agh cha row eh, as hooar shin mill as s'anvennick va'n lheid rieau ry geddyn. Ren ad dy mie. Er conaant, ta shiu toiggal, dy ren oo cur rish ny shellanyn dy mie, bee shellanyn freggyrtagh diu, as v'eh yindyssagh mleeaney. Cha nel mish er n'akin y lheid, as ta shellanyn er ve aym rish jeih bleeaney as da-eed nish.


Disease free bees aim to please 

A Manx bee expert says the hot dry weather at the start of the summer has produced the best season for honey he has seen in fifty years.

Manx Government Bee Advisor, Harry Owens, has hives in St Johns.

He says the conditions earlier in the year gave the Manx insects, which are disease free, the chance to flourish.

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