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Skelly adamant over ministerial future

Skelly creoi er ve ny Hirveishagh 'sy traa ry heet

Chebbal leshtal son paart 'sy chooish

Ta'n shirveishagh ec mean y scammylt Vision Nine shassoo er dy vel eh tannaghtyn ayn dy stiurey.

Ren Tinvaal coardail rish sett dy voyllaghyn as yn dean oc dy chur lhiettrymys er failleil 'syn aght cheddin, choud's hooar eh tuarastyl deyragh er dellal, ren failleil,  dy chur y TT er y hoshiaght veih'n Ving Aa-scrutee er Polasee Tarmaynagh.

Ren caairlagh y Ving Michael Coleman cheet dy birragh er y dellal, ren tuittym 2016, myr y Titanic ve currit fo.

Agh ta Laurence Skelly - ta er hirrey leshtal son y phaart echey - gra dy vel eh ny smoo gollrish yn Chaptan Quilliam.

Ta Mnr Skelly gra dy row eh brieit jeh dy gholl back gys yn rheynn shoh, as ny dooyrt eh, goll back gys y rheynn shoh, dy row eh geearree dy feer cur kione er y chiartag. Myr shoh, ayns fockleyn elley, dy vel eh tannaghtyn 'sy vaatey.

T'eh gra neesht dy vel eh laccal gennaghtyn dy vel yn towse dy obbyr er ve jeant, as treisht er dy charraghey reddyn dy ve myr v'ad roie, as tannaghtyn lesh y chooish. Myr shoh, t'eh dy ghra, cha nee shaghney y chiartag eh, agh goaill ayns laue y chiartag as cur kione urree.

Skelly adamant over ministerial future

Offers apology for role in affair

The minister at the centre of the Vision Nine scandal insists he's staying at the helm.

Tynwald agreed to a set of recommendations aimed at preventing similar failures, as it received a damning report on the failed TT promotion deal from the Economic Policy Review Committee.

Committee chairman Michael Coleman scathingly linked the deal, which collapsed in 2016, to the sinking of the Titanic.

But Laurence Skelly - who's now apologised for his role - says he's more like Captain Quilliam.

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