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Public Accounts Committee members to recuse themselves from film losses inquiry

Olteynyn y Ving Coontyssyn Theayagh dy scryssey magh ad hene veih ronsaght er coayllyn fillym

Eam dy phointeil olteynyn tammyltagh er-coontey 'ny ta jeeaghyn dy ve parteeas co-streeuagh'

Cha jean shey olteynyn ooilley y Ving Coontyssyn Theayagh goaill ayrn ayns ronsaght er ny coayllyn jeh ny shlee na £26 millioon veih'n Tashtey son Lhiasaghey Meanyn.

Ren Tinvaal votal dy chur y chooish roish y Ving Coontyssyn Theayagh Mean Fouyir mleeaney.

Agh ayns soie Jerrey Fouyir y whaiyl, nee caairlagh y ving shirrey er Tinvaal dy choardail rish pointeil three olteynyn tammyltagh dy ghoaill ayns laue y ronsaght.

Va kiare jeh ny olteynyn nyn Shirveishee tra va strughtoor noa currit er baih yn Ellan ayns fillym goll er jannoo; ta'n dooinney sheshey jeh fer jeu ny pharteeas ayns colught ren coyrlaghey er y chooishl as ta'n sheyoo er oltey y Rheynn Gastid Dellal.

Ta Juan Watterson gra dy vel eh mychione yn aght ta'n theay toiggal eh.

AS JUAN WATTERSON : T'eh mychione yn aght ta shen goll er toiggal cheumooie jeh'n whaiyl, as my vees shen goll er toiggal myr job neu-feeu er-coontey ny fir er-lheh t'ayns shen, as yn toiggalys nagh beagh adsyn jannoo job fondagh, eisht shen jannoo wheesh jeeill as gyn jannoo dy jarroo job corrym fondagh. Myr shoh, scanshoil ta shoh da ynrickys y starr dy vel shin jannoo shoh as dy vel shin goll y raad shoh.


'Perceived conflict of interest' leads to call for appointment of temporary members 

All six members of the Public Accounts Committee will not be involved in the investigation into more than £26 million in losses from the Media Development Fund.

Tynwald voted to refer the matter to the Public Accounts Committee in July this year.

But at the October sitting of the court, the committee chair will ask Tynwald to approve appointing three temporary members to carry out the investigation.

Four of the members were ministers when the restructuring of the Island's investment in film took place, one's husband is a partner in a firm which advised over the issue, and the sixth is a member of the Department for Enterprise. 

Juan Watterson says it's about public perception:

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