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Paul Craine and Diane Kelsey elected to Legislative Council

Paul Craine as Diane Kelsey reiht da Coonceil Slattyssagh

23 olteyn yn Chiare as Feed kionefenish son vote sthie

Ta'n daa ynnyd follym 'sy Choonceil Slattyssagh er nyn lhieeney.

Va staddyssaghteyr, Paul Craine, as yn eear Screeudeyr Preevaadjagh as Fer Toshee y Wirran da'n Lhiass-Chiannoort, Diane Kelsey, reiht da ny oikyn liorish Olteynyn yn Chiare as Feed, moghrey Jemayrt (23 Mee Houney).

Hooar Mnr Craine 16 voteyn, as Bnr Kelsey 13.

Va ooilley nyolteynyn kionefenish, paart jeu dy soylagh, 'sy Chamyr moghrey Jemayrt, er lhimmey jeh OCF son Doolish Veanagh Chris Thomas.

Bee'n piyr 'syn oik rish 15 meeaghyn, roish feme er aa-reih.

Ny shirreyderyn elley va cur stiagh son y Choonceil Slattyssagh, v'ad Bill Shimmins, MaryBeth Coll, Craig Brown, Corelli Bentham as Conor Keenan.

Lurg yn teiy, loayr Diane Kelsey as Paul Craine rish John Moss mychione ny vees ad jerkal rish jannoo 'syn oik noa oc.

AS DIANE KELSEY : Dy chooney lesh y Reiltys as olteynyn Tinvaal nish, cur er y hoshiaght Plan yn Ellan, plannyn cour couyral woish Covid, as jannoo shickyr dy vel Ellan Vannin currit ny hassoo dy fondagh reesht. Ta plannal fer jeh ny cooishyn symoil dou. Agh ayns firrinys, t'eh dy phohlldal y Reiltys as/ny dy phohlldal yn Chiare as Feed ayns ny vees feme orroo jannoo 'sy traa ry heet, shaghey leeideil er veg. 

AS PAUL CRAINE : Ta mee jeean dy akin Plan yn Ellan goll er oaie as y Chlaare son yn Reiltys – s'baghtal eh dy vel shen yn ard tosheeaght, cheet stiagh ec y toshiaght as goll er oaie lesh shen, as eisht ta feme er gleashaghey dy tappee er y phlan jantys er caghlaa emshyraght ta dy ve ayn liorish Mee Averil. Ta mee jeean dy chur cooney boayl erbee oddys shen ve jeant aym, er data er-lheh. Ta kuse dy ardyn y Reiltys as ayndaue er-lhiam dy voddagh data ve jeant ny share myr ayrn jeh'n phaart ayns scrutaghey, dy obbraghey rish shen.


23 Keys members present for internal vote

The two vacant slots in the Legislative Council have been filled.

Statistician, Paul Craine, and former Private Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Lieutenant Governor, Diane Kelsey, were elected to the roles by Members of the House of Keys on Tuesday morning (23 November).

Mr Craine received 16 votes, and Mrs Kelsey 13.

All members were present, some virtually, in the House on Tuesday morning, with the exception of Douglas Central MHK Chris Thomas.

The pair will be in the role for 15 months, before facing re-election.

The other candidates standing for LegCo were Bill Shimmins, MaryBeth Coll, Craig Brown, Corelli Bentham, and Conor Keenan.

After the ballot, Diane Kelsey and Paul Craine spoke with John Moss about what they expect to be doing in their new role.

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