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Paralympian IoM Sports Awards guest

Paralympagh ny cuirreydagh ec Aundyryn Spoyrt

Snaueder Ellie Simmonds OBE ta ny cuirreydagh onnoroil

Fer jeh ny roortee Paralympagh t'ayns ard-ghoo syrjey y theihll, bee ish ny cuirreydagh onnoroil gys Aundyryn Spoyrt Ellan Vannin, Mee Vayrt.

Ta'n snaueder Ellie Simmonds OBE er ve ny chohirreydagh son Team GB ayns three gammanyn ass-y-cheilley: Beijing Feed 2008, Lunnin 2012 as Rio 2016.

Cha row ee agh three bleeaney jeig dy eash ec yn chied er jeu, tra chosn ee daa voyn airhey.

Ooilley cooidjagh, ta Ellie er chosney hoght boynyn Paralympagh, goaill stiagh queig boynyn airhey, as t'ee er chooilleeney kuse dy recortyssyn ny gammanyn choud's v'ee goll roee.

Shen chammah's 13 crouwyn y dowan as 10 crouwyn yn Oarpey as aundyryn elley.

Ta Ellie gra dy vel ard-taitnys eck dy vel cuirrey er ve currit urree dy ve kionefenish ny aundyryn, as t'ee gra, ve ny cuirreydagh onnoroil, dy nee preeu-chaa eh dy jarroo.

T'ee gra neesht dy row ee rieau geearree cheet dys shoh, as dy vel ee er chlashtyn reddyn yindyssagh mychione Ellan Vannin chammah's mychione ny aundyryn.

Ren yn starr enmyssaght son ny jeih ronnaghyn dy aundyryn dooney ec toshiaght y hiaghtin shoh.

Y taghyrt hene, as ta Microgaming Play It Forward gialdyn argid er-e-hon nish, nee shen goll er cummal ayns Halley Reeoil y Villa Marina 1ed Mee Vayrt.


Paralympian IoM Sports Awards guest

Swimmer Ellie Simmonds OBE is guest of honour

One of the highest profile Paralympic athletes in the world will be the guest of honour at the Isle of Man Sports Awards in March.

Swimmer Ellie Simmonds OBE has competed for Team GB at three successive games: Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016.

She was just 13 years old at the first of those, when she won two gold medals.

Overall, Ellie has won eight Paralympic medals, including five golds, and has set a number of games records along the way.

That's in addition to 13 world and 10 European titles and other awards.

Ellie says she is absolutely thrilled to have been invited to attend the awards, describing being guest of honour as a real privilege.

She adds that she has always wanted to come here, and has heard amazing things about both the Isle of Man and the awards.

Nominations for the ten award categories closed at the start of this week.

The event itself, which is now sponsored by Microgaming Play It Forward, will be held in the Villa Marina's Royal Hall on 1 March.

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