Offers come in to run meat plant

Çhebbyn çheet stiagh y farrys-feill y stiurey

Ta'n Rheynn Çhymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys gra dy vel paart dy hebbyn formoil er nyn gur roish ec colughtyn dy stiurey farrys-feill yn Ellan.

Ta shoh ny lurg çhebbal liorish y rheynn-reiltys dy gheddyn obbreyder preevaadjagh noa son y farrys.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n farrys feme cooney argidoil veih'n reiltys ta ny shlee na 1.3 millioon punt as ta aggle er ve ayn dy voddagh y farrys goll er jeigh.

Ayns fockley-magh, dooyrt y Rheynn dy vel kuse dy hebbyn er y voayrd, as dy vel ee jerkal pointeil obbreyder noa roish jerrey ny bleeaney.

Offers come in to run meat plant

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture says a number of formal bids have been submitted by firms to run the Island's meat plant.

It follows a tender process by the government department to identify a new private operator of the facility.

The site currently requires a goverment subvention in excess of £1.3 million and there have been fears the plant could close.

In a statement, DEFA announced there are several offers on the table and hopes to appoint a new operator by the end of this year.

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