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May's Brexit plan speaks for Island says Chief Minister

Plan May son Brexit cur geill da'n Ellan, as yn Ard Shirveishagh

Oddagh scarrey veih reillyn yn Unnaneys Oarpagh cur y drogh er y cherroo argidoil

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh credjal dy vel plan Theresa May son Brexit cur geill da cooishyn Ellan Vannin.

Ta Howard Quayle er ve cheet quail fir hoshee ayns Cohaglym Partee ny Toreeyn ayns Birmingham y chiaghtin shoh.

Ren y Preeu-Hirveishagh moghrey Jecrean cur builley back da cremmey Boris Johnson jeh'n phlan Chequers eck - hug eh lipaid er myr 'drogh-ghellal lesh y vunraght'.

Yinnagh y treealtys cur er eirinee as jeantee Ghoaldagh ve biallagh da 'lioar reill chadjin' as dy fondagh freayll yn ynnyd echey cheusthie jeh'n unnaneys keeshyn marrey.

Agh yinnagh scarrey veih reillyn yn Unnaneys Oarpagh er shirveishyn cur y drogh er undinyssyn argidoil.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy beagh y dellal mie dy liooar ooilley cooidjagh - my vees dy chooilley pharteeas cheet dy choardail.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Cha nel mee laccal cheet er veih cheu Partee ny Toreeyn, ny ny ta kiart son yn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit). Agh son Ellan Vannin, fodmayd son shickyrys soiaghey jeh'n phlan Chequers. Agh s'baghtal eh . . . cha nee ynrican yn Unnaneys Oarpagh pohlldal y plan Chequers, ny vershoon, agh eisht t'eh er y Phreeu-Hirveishagh stiurey eh trooid Westminster. 


Split from EU rules on services could hit financial sector

The Chief Minister believes Theresa May's plan for Brexit speaks for the interests of the Isle of Man.

Howard Quayle has been meeting with senior figures at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham this week.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday morning hit back at Boris Johnson's criticism of her Chequers plan - which he labelled a 'constitutional outrage'.

The proposal would subscribe British farmers and manufacturers to a 'common rulebook' and effectively preserve its place in the customs union.

But a split away from EU rules on services could hit Manx financial institutions.

Mr Quayle says the deal would be satisfactory overall - should all parties reach an agreement.

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