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Manx Utilities should encourage fitting of solar panels

Lhisagh Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin greinnaghey cur stiagh panellyn greiney

Partee Glass Vannin cur eam son caghlaa

Lhisagh Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin ve greinnaghey y theay dy chur stiagh panellyn greiney dy chooney lesh y chymmyltaght.

Shen credjue fer toshee Partee Glass Vannin.

Va Andrew Newton loayrt lurg da tuarastyl ny Hashoonyn Unnaneyist ve clouit er y gherrid ren gra dy row feme er jannoo foddey ny smoo trooid y theihll dy chumrail chiow ny cruinney gys fo 1.5°C.

Ayns Mandate moghrey Jemayrt (9oo Jerrey Fouyir) dooyrt eh dy voddagh caghlaaghyn beggey fo ny harrish 'syn aght beaghey jannoo seose caghlaaghyn mooarey.

AS ANDREW NEWTON : Sleih cur panellyn greiney er nyn glea, shen builley chelleeragh foddee seyraanee er-lheh jannoo dy chaghlaa, dy yannoo ny sloo ny coontyssyn bree oc, dy vel builley glass er y theihll. As by vie lhiam fakin Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin seiy magh as ve leeideil er shoh, as dy ghra dy vel shin greinnaghey sleih dy chur panellyn greiney er nyn glea er-yn-oyr dy jean eh seose vondeish da bree glass . . .

AS JOHN MOSS : Lhisagh shoh ve arryltagh, ny lhisagh eh ve currit er sleih dy yannoo shoh?

AS ANDREW NEWTON :  Lhisagh cuirrey ve currit orroo.


Manx Green Party calls for change 

Manx Utilities should be encouraging the public to fit solar panels to help the environment.

That's the belief of the head of the Manx Green Party.

Andrew Newton was speaking following the recent publication of a UN report which claimed much more needed to be done worldwide to limit global warming to below 1.5°C.

On Mandate on Tuesday morning (9 October) he said relatively small changes to lifestyle can make big differences:

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