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Manx residents overtake UK in TT speeding offences

Cummaltee Vannin berraghtyn er yn RU ayns ro-vieauid

Meoiryn shee gientyn bunnys £70K ayns finallyn

Ta'n earroo dy hualtyssyn son ro-vieauid er hoilshaghey magh dy vel cummaltee Vannin ny fir foiljagh smoo 'syn eailley TT.  

Ta data clouit liorish y rheynn cooishyn sthie soilshaghey magh dy row, harrish queig bleeaney, 65 immanee recortit symnit gys y whaiyl, cosoyley rish 44 'syn RU.

Ren ashoonyn Oarpagh elley gollrish y Spaainey as Pobblaght ny Herin recortey agh daa loght.

Ta ny fysseree, bentyn rish ny 16 laghyn woish Jesarn shiaghtin ny roortyssyn gys Jedoonee s'jerree shiaghtin ny ratchyn, goaill stiagh neesht fograghyn final soit (FFS) ny finallyn ass laue son ro-vieauid.

T'ad soilshaghey magh dy row135 tiggadyn currit magh gys cummaltee yn RU, choud's va 112 currit magh da ymmyderyn y raaidey Manninagh neayr's 2014.

Va sym ooilley cooidjagh dy 447 FFS currit magh ayns ny queig bleeaney, ren gientyn £67,050 veih ny finallyn.


Police generate nearly £70K in fines

The number of prosecutions for speeding has revealed Manx residents to be the main offenders over the TT festival.

Data released from the department of home affairs shows across a five year period, 65 registered drivers on the Isle of Man were summoned to court, compared to 44 from the UK.

Other European nations like Spain and Republic of Ireland registered just two offences.

The figures, which concern the 16 days from Saturday of practice week to the last Sunday of race week, also include fixed penalty notices or on the spot fines for speeding.

They show 135 tickets issued to UK residents, while 112 were given to Manx road users since 2014.

A grand total of 447 FPNs were issued over the five years, generating £67,050 from the fines.


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