Local harpist amazed at her success in nationwide folk comp

Cloieder claasagh ynnydoil goaill yindys ec y speeideilys eck ayns cohirrey trooid magh yn ashoon

Mera Royle ny cloieder kionechloie ayns aundyryn BBC Radio 2

Ta cloieder claasagh Vanninagh, 18 dy eash, gra nagh row ee rieau smooinaghtyn dy jinnagh ee cheet gys kionechloie jeh cohirrey kiaull y theay trooid magh yn RU.

Ta Mera Royle fer jeh kiare enmyssaghtyn ynrican veih trooid Cheer ny Goal as Nerin Hwoaie 'sy ronney Aundyr Kiaull Theay yn Aegid jeh Aundyryn Kiaull Theay BBC Radio 2.

T'ee er chloie bio hannah ayns cuirrey kiaullee Shoa Kiaull Theay BBC Radio 2 ayns Kendal.

Ta Mera gra dy ren ee toshiaght y ghoaill, as ish geearree tooilley sleih geaishtagh rish e kiaull - as dy vel ee jeant magh dy vel caa jee cloie kiaull Vannin son lught-eaishtee smoo.

Nish nee'n studeyr Scoill Ghrammadys Rhumsaa ve kionefenish fastyr beg ny aundyryn ayns yn Halley Cuirrey Kiaullee Waterfront ayns Beeal Feirshtey, Jecrean, 4oo Mee Averil.

AS MERA ROYLE: T'eh feer scanshoil dy reayll bio carryn tradishoonagh Vannin er coontey quoi ta shinyn, ayns aght, veih ny laghyn ain t'er n'gholl shaghey, as t'ad nyn garryn feer vie neesht. Ta reddyn sheeanal dy mie, gollrish carryn tradishoonagh Nalbin as carryn tradishoonagh Nerin. She bwooise da possanyn kiaullee gollrish Mec Lir as Barrule ass Mannin dy vel ad er chur bree noa ayns kiaull Vannin, nagh vel eh son shansteryn ynrican dy eaishtagh rish, agh son dy chooilley pheiagh.

Local harpist amazed at her success in nationwide folk comp

Mera Royle a finalist at BBC Radio 2 awards

An 18 year-old Manx harpist says she never thought she would get into the finals of a UK-wide Folk music competition.

Mera Royle is one of just four nominees from across the Britain and Northern Ireland in the Young Folk Awards category of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

She's already performed live at a BBC Radio 2 Folk Show concert in Kendal.Mera says she started out just wanting to get more people to hear her music - and she's delighted to be able to perform Manx music to wider audiences.

The Ramsey Grammar School pupil will now attend the awards evening at the Waterfront Concert Hall in Belfast on Wednesday 4th April.



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