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Liverpool terminal costs have 'spiralled' out of control

Friday, 3 December 2021 13:23

By Bob Carswell

Costyssyn y chione-stashoon ayns Leyrphoyl er 'chassey' magh ass smaght

Shirveishagh gra dy vel eh toiggal 'barrant caillt' 'sy chalee

Ta costys kione-stashoon noa y vaatey ayns Leyrphoyl er 'chassey' magh ass smaght.

Shen goaill rish y hirveishagh bun-troggalys.

Y vee shoh bee Tinvaal er ny hirrey er dy choardail rish £32 millioon elley – cur-lesh costys ooilley cooidjagh skeim y challoo dys ny smoo na £70.68 millioon.

Ta'n Reiltys gra dy vel feme er yn argid elley dy ghoaill ayns laue cooishyn t'er 'nirree' ayns Loghan Lieh-Tidey y Phrinse neayr's haink toshiaght er y troggal ayns 2019.

Ta Tim Crookall gra nagh nyrrys da dy vel sleih er 'choayl barrant' 'sy chalee.

AS TIM CROOKALL : Ny ghow toshiaght ec £25 million, eisht hie eh gys £38 (millioon), va fys ain eisht dy jinnagh eh lheimmey seose liorish £14 (millioon) gys £52 millioon. As shoh shin nish as t'eh orrym cheet gys Tinvaal son £71 millioon, cha faggys da dy ve veg.  As cha nel fys reiltagh er ve currit da'n theay mychione ny vees taghyrt. Cha row fys ec peiagh erbee cheumooie jeh Tinvaal, as va'n manifesto aym cheet er £50 ny £60 millioon punt. As shoh shin as t'eh orrym cheet gys Tinvaal son £70 (millioon).  Cha nel mee coontey monney jeh shen er chor erbee.

Dooyrt Mnr Crookall neesht : "Ta'n chooish jannoo seose oyr son imnea dowin as, dy dooghyssagh, ta lessoonyn dy ve er nyn ynsaghey voee.

"Ta'n fer roym er chur y chooish hannah dy ve er ny aa-scrutaghey myr ayrn jeh'n oardagh dy aa-scrutaght politickagh t'ayn as nee mayd ooilley obbraghey dy phohlldal yn oardagh shoh.

"Agh shegin dooin jannoo reaghys er y chalee shoh son y traa ry heet as lhisagh shoh ve'n focus ain kiart nish."

Ta sleih jerkal dy jig kione er y chalee ayns mean 2023.


Minister says he understands 'lost faith' in project

Liverpool terminal costs have 'spiralled' out of control

Minister says he understands 'lost faith' in project

The cost of a new ferry terminal in Liverpool has 'spiralled' out of control. 

That's the admission from the infrastructure minister.

This month Tynwald will be asked to approve a further £32 million – taking the total cost of the landing stage scheme to more than £70.68 million.

Government says the additional money is needed to address issues which have 'arisen' at Prince's Half-Tide Dock since the build started in 2019.

Tim Crookall says he doesn't blame people who have 'lost faith' in the project:


Minister Crookall added: "This issue is clearly deeply concerning and, of course, there are lessons to be learnt from it.

"My predecessor has already referred the matter to be reviewed as part of the political scrutiny procedure that exists and we will all work to support this process.

"However we must make a decision on the future of this project and this should be our immediate focus."

The project is expected to complete in the middle of 2023.

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