Gov't trying to flout law - campaigner

Reiltys geabey jannoo faghid jeh'n leigh - troddaneyr

Slattys coadey fysseree fo ard-hoilshey

Ta troddaneyr son preevaadjys gra dy vel yn reiltys geabey dy obbraghey erskyn y leigh ayns reillyn rere Billey Coadey Fysseree noa treealit.

Nee reillyn noa, as enn orroo myr GDPR, cheet stiagh trooid yn Oarpey Mee Voaldyn er yn aght ta sheshaghtyn rheynn data.

'Syn Ellan, ta coyrle scrutee theayagh fo raad dy yannoo magh dy jeeragh yn aght foddee bree ve currit daue.

Agh ta Tristram Llewelyn-Jones er hoilshaghey magh ronney mastey ny reillyn ta ayns rieughid jannoo neu-phossible eh dy hual rheynnyn yn reiltys my vees brishey data ayn.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Chris Thomas gra nagh vel shoh myr t'eh - as foddee dy row y ronney er ve screeuit stiagh trooid marran.

AS TRISTRAM LLEWELYN-JONES: Ny ta shoh dy ghra, dy voddagh bree ve currit da'n leigh my vees brishey data ec colught - oddagh y Barrantagh Fysseree cur bree da'n leigh - agh nagh voddagh bree ve currit da'n leigh my vees brishey data ec yn Reiltys. Myr shoh, she un leigh son yn cherroo preevaadjagh as leigh elley son yn Reiltys. Agh s'baghtal eh dy lhisagh yn leigh jannoo dy corrym er dy chooilley pheiagh dy ve cairagh.

Gov't trying to flout law - campaigner

Data protection legislation under the spotlight

A privacy campaigner claims government is trying to operate above the law in regulations under a proposed new Data Protection Bill.

New rules on how organisations share data, known as GDPR, are due to come into effect across Europe in May.On the Island, a public consultation is underway to determine exactly how they should be implemented.

But Tristram Llewelyn-Jones has highlighted a clause in the regulations which effectively makes it impossible to prosecute government departments in the event of a data breach.

Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas says that is not the case - and that the clause may have been written in accidentally.

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