'Dept NOT moving to privatise NHS dental service'

'Cha NEL Rheynn goll dy phreevaadjaghey shirveish eeacklagh yn HCA'

Ashford shirrey meeinaghey aggle

Ta'n Shirveishagh Slaynt gra NAGH VEL reaghys dy chur kione er y chonaant oc lesh kiareyder shirveish eeacklagh yn HCA ec y traa t'ayn ny chied chesmad ayns preevaadjaghey y hirveish.

Va David Ashford loayrt lurg da va fogrit magh dy row yn RSKT er chur kione er y chonaant oc lesh Ravat as Ray veih jerrey Mee Vayrt maghey.

Shoh geiyrt er arganeys mychione cooishyn 'sy chonaant.

Ta'n rheynn nish shirrey dy phointeil kiareyder feeacklagh noa dy ghoaill harrish y currym veih'n 1ed Mee Averil as bee surransee recortit lesh Kiarail Feeacklagh Ravat as Ray currit dy automatagh gys y chleeantaght noa.

Foddee dy bee shoh 'sy voayl t'ayn nish ayns ynnyd y henn Thie Lheiys Noble, ny boayl erbee elley 'syn ard mygeayrt Doolish.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Ashford gra dy row y briwnys dy hirrey kiareyder noa ny eiyrtys jeh sursmooinaghtyn kiarailagh as t'eh cur bwooise da Ravat as Ray son yn chirveish jeant oc neayr's 2015.

T'eh gra dy bee dagh eab jeant dy yannoo shickyr dy vel y caghlaa gys y chirveish noa cho rea as oddys eh ve as t'eh er n'ghoaill ayns laue meeinaghey aggle va imraait ec kuse dy hurransee liorish gra dy bee dy chooilley hurransagh currit da kiareyder noa yn HCA.

'Dept NOT moving to privatise NHS dental service'

Ashford looks to allay fears

The Health Minister says a decision to terminate their contract with the current provider of NHS dental care is NOT a first move towards privatising the service.

David Ashford was speaking after it was announced that the DHSC had ended their contract with Ravat and Ray with effect from the end of March.
It follows a dispute over contractual issues.

The department is now seeking to appoint a new dental provider to take over from the 1st of April and patients registered with Ravat and Ray Dental Care will be automatically transferred to the new practice.

This may be located in the current premises at the Old Noble’s Hospital site, or elsewhere in the Douglas area.

Minister Ashford says the decision to seek a new provider was the result of careful consideration and he has thanked Ravat and Ray for the service provided by them since 2015.

He says every effort will be made to ensure the transition to the new service is as smooth as possible and has moved to allay fears expressed by some patients by stating that all patients will be allocated to the new NHS provider.

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