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Chief Minister: Confident public can 'self-manage' the Covid-19 pandemic

Friday, 24 December 2021 13:38

By Bob Carswell

Ard Shirveishagh: Shickyr dy vod yn theay 'reirey er-nyn-son hene' y pandemagh Covid-19

Lurg caghlaa da ny reillyn er cooilleeney prowalyn 

Ta'n ard shirveishagh gra dy vel eh treishteil 'dy bollagh' ayns theay Vannin dy yannoo yn red kiart bentyn da Covid-19.

Er y gherrid ren y reiltys caghlaa ny reillyn er Coronavirus, nagh vel eh er sleih ny sodjey cooilleeney prowalyn CSP [Co-aghtey Slouree Polymerase].

Shaghey shen t'eh goll er shirrey orroo dy reayll ad hene scarrit my vees prowal roie lhiattagh jarrooagh recortit oc – t'ad abyl dy scuirr veih freayll ad hene scarrit lurg daue recortey daa phrowal jiooldagh as 24 ooryn ec y chooid sloo eddyr oc.

Ta Alfred Cannan gra dy vel 'slane barrant' echey dy jean sleih geiyrt er y choyrle stiuree noa as dy jean ad 'reirey er-nyn-son' y raad oc trooid y phandemagh.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Ta shin er nakin y jeeill tarmaynagh as sheshoil oddys ve jeant ec reiltyssyn cheet stiagh ayn as jannoo anneydagh as jannoo slattys as dooney ayrnyn jeh bea yn theay. Ta shin jannoo eh 'syn aght shoh cha nee ynrican dy vel shin lhiggey seyr bun-troggalys ard-scanshoil, agh neesht ta shin cur lesh stiagh tooilley ablid dy ve freggyrtagh. As ta mee, t'ou toiggal, treishteil, dy jean shoh dy bollagh cur lesh shin trooid shiaghtin ny ghaa ry heet.


Follows change in rules regarding testing

The chief minister says he 'absolutely' trusts the Manx public to do the right thing in relation to Covid-19.

Recently government changed the Coronavirus rules meaning people no longer have to have PCR tests.

Instead they are asked to self-isolate if they record a positive lateral flow test – they are able to leave self-isolation after recording two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

Alfred Cannan says he has 'every confidence' people will follow the new guidance and 'self-manage' their way through the pandemic:

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