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Netball: Simcocks victorious in top of the table clash

Reports by IOM Netball


Date; 31st October,2021

Senior Netball League

Premier Division


Player of the Match

Player of the Match Team

Simcocks Gold Eagles 23    Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches 35

Ella Carrdidge

Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches

Simcocks Blue Eagles 57    Marbree Missfits A 39

Poppy Irving

Simcocks Blue Eagles

Route 1 Connections 46   Manx Gems Rubies 30

Rhian Evans

Route 1 Connections

Manx Fellas 41    Thompson Travel 1 23

Stephen Mulhern

Manx Fellas

Simcocks Red Eagles 52   Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards 27

Sarah Corkish

Simcocks Red Eagles





Route 1 Connection, 46 - Manx Gems Rubies,30

POTM Rhian Evans for Route 1 Connections

The first quarter started off strong for both teams going goal to goal. Route 1 Turbos edged ahead with the duo of Nicola Spencer (GS) and Eliana Kneen (GA) sinking the long shots in the circle. However, the strong rebounds and well executed back line passes from Katie Keenan (GD) and Kate Cashin (GK) allowed Manx Gems Rubies to bring the ball down the court and capitalise on these turnovers ending the first quarter 12-9 to Rubies. 


Going into the 2nd quarter, Turbos came out fighting, with lovely intercepts and tips from Cassidy Pizzey (GD) allowed Sara Watterson (C) and Rhian Evans (WA) to make some great feeds into the circle by working the ball round. Rubies continued to fight as the experienced duo of Becca Cooke (GA) and Amaline Batty (GS) worked as a team to rotate in the circle allowing them to take a shot, going into half-time, the lead had changed and Turbos were now ahead 20-17. 


It was still all to play for in the 3rd quarter and was a good start from both teams. Holly Hennessy (C) continuing to pressure Turbos and helping her team bring the ball down the court nicely with the help of Kitty Trainor (WA) doing sharp and accurate passes into the shooting circle. Turbos continued to capitalise on Rubies errors with the great defence of Paige Skillicorn (GK) winning the rebounds and passing the ball off nicely with help from Sara Bramwell (WD) who managed to lose her player in order to help bring the ball down the court. Turbos keeping the lead 31-25. 


Heading into the last quarter both teams were itching for the win. Rubies giving their best efforts to try and come back with some great interceptions from Alice Cashin (WD) who worked well with her team to bring the ball through the centre third. However, despite their best-efforts Turbos continued to fight and work well as a team making some lovely opportunities in the circle resulting in goals for the team and taking the overall win ending the match 46-30 and a very well deserved POTM to Rhian Evans. 


Junior Tournament

The Junior teams took to the court again at Bemahague and the NSC as the second tournament of their season began. Although a few teams were unable to play and with quite a few players away, it didn’t stop the rest of the teams taking to the court with the same enthusiasm as always and once again putting on some great performances. Watching the Juniors deliver some amazing play, with great sportsmanship and attitude it was impressive to see and a privilege to see their skills developing, from one tournament to the next.

A huge congratulations to all players who took part and a thank you to all organisers, coaches and umpires who gave up their time.

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