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Royalties for Manx artists when work is resold?

DfE consulting on Artist's Resale Right concept

Proposals which would allow local artists to benefit whenever their works are resold are being looked into by government.

The Department for Enterprise has launched a public consultation on plans to bring in an Artist's Resale Right on Island.

An Artist's Resale Right allows artists to claim a share of the price whenever a piece of their work is resold.

The idea is an artist may sell their material for a low price when they're unknown and have no bargaining power.

However, if there reputation increases so does the value of their work and can be repeatedly resold for higher values, which the artists will then be able to claim a royalty of.

DfE says the right is seen as justifiable because the artist is seen as responsible for building the value of what they create.

The Artists's Resale Right has been in place in the UK for several years.

Now, the department wants members of the public to let them know what they think about this idea and how it would be structured.

The survey is open until Friday, 27 August - a link to it along with background information is available HERE.

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