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Port Erin Commissioners launch 'bin it or take it home' litter campaign

It's hoped it will encourage residents and visitors to keep the beach clean

Port Erin Commissioners is launching a new campaign to try and 'clean up' the beach. 

'Bin it or Take it Home' will encourage residents and visitors to be more responsible with their rubbish whilst in the village.

The local authority says it receives 'numerous' complaints each year about the amount of litter left on the beach and hopes stickers and pavement markers will remind people to tidy up.

These will be rolled out during the week along with quadruple the number of bins for the summer season. 

Chairman Godfrey Egee, said: “This campaign is all about keeping our beach clean and welcoming for residents and visitors. 

“We know that most beach users do clean up after themselves but those few who don’t blight the area for everyone else. 

“This campaign aims to highlight to beach users that it’s their responsibility to get rid of their waste and leaving it for others is just not acceptable. We need residents and visitors to help us keep Port Erin clean and encourage them to report those who are not.

“We receive numerous complaints every year about waste left on the beach and promenade. We all need to look after the areas that we live in, and this campaign is about encouraging irresponsible beach users to change their ways!”


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