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Plans launched to tackle harbour pollution

Government launches campaign to highlight people's responsibilities 

Government's announced plans to crack down on the pollution of the Island's harbours.

The departments of Infrastructure and Environment have launched a new campaign.

More and more people are expected to be swimming in the sea and using our harbours during the summer months, and it's hoped this scheme will help protect the harbour environment from unnecessary pollution.

A series of guidelines for harbour users has been issued, including advice for managing engine leaks, directions for removing waste oil, using vessels regularly to reduce the build up of foul on the hulls and how to alert the authorities about pollution leaks.

Signs will now be put up providing information on how to prevent polluting the waters and also the possible legal consequences of ignoring the rules.

Harbours are protected by a number of laws, which say no substance or article from a vehicle, vessel, aircraft, hovercraft or marine structure can be left in Manx waters

Minister of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Clare Barber says: "Harbour pollution poses a significant threat to marine life. Just one litre of oil, or fuel, can pollute over one million litres of water.

"Harmful toxins greatly disrupt the delicate balance of the natural wildlife and species found in our unique UNESCO Biosphere here in the Isle of Man. We must do all we can to protect the delicate balance between human activity and nature to prevent further damage."

Tim Crookall is the Infrastructure Minister: "It is crucial for every individual to play their part in preventing pollution and reporting incidents promptly. With your help, we can find the source to stop the problem as quick as possible.

"The Harbours Division team is on hand to support anyone with questions or concerns about pollution in our Island’s harbours."

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