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People urged to respond to fire alarms after failed evacuation at HMO

One person suffered burns in Douglas incident

Firefighters are urging people to listen, and respond, to fire alarms when they hear them.  

It follows a fire in a house of multiple occupation in Douglas in the early hours of yesterday morning (8 September).

One person suffered burns and was given first aid at the scene before being treated by the Ambulance Service.

The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service says whilst the fire alarm system ‘activated efficiently’ a number of occupants did not evacuate and had to be removed. 

It adds: “We cannot stress more highly the importance of leaving your property and staying out of the property until it has been established it is safe to re-enter.

“In the event you discover a fire you should ensure everybody is out of that room and close the door to ensure the fire is confined to a single room and then call 999.

“Confining the fire to a single room gives other occupants a safe passage to the exit of the property and reduces the overall impact of a fire on your property.”

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