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Meat Plant turnaround to tackle production issues

Fulfilment 'strong' despite recent setbacks, say IOM Meats

Isle of Man Meats says it is committed to turning around its production despite recent setbacks.

That's the message from the company's Managing Director as it came under fire online this week from a local butcher.

Lee Mayers took to Facebook to tell customers stock was 'missing on a regular basis' from his orders; adding that as a result of incomplete orders yesterday, he will be looking into getting meat from the UK instead.

In response, the company said it had a large amount of boxed beef and lamb stock available yesterday, and that butchers were pre-warned before TT that hanging carcass stock would not be available, as they chose not to process animals during race week - owing to their location within the course.

Rebecca Miah accepted there has been criticism recently, but says fulfilment has generally been strong:







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