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Manx Care spends more than £30m on agency and bank workers in 2022

Chief Executive says board is committed to recruiting and training new staff

Manx Care says it's committed to recruiting and training new healthcare workers after spending more than £30 million on bank and agency staff in 2022.

A Freedom of Information request revealed more than £15 million was used to bring in workers from agencies, while bank work - extra hours for those already employed by Manx Care - came to £15.1 million.

The figures show that Manx Care was routinely spending more than £2 million each month on the additional resources.

Only two months – April and November – resulted in a wage bill of less than £1 million for agency workers.

The most expensive month of 2022 was March when agency and bank staff were paid more than £3,400,000 for their labour.

The healthcare board says it currently expects to spend £38-40 million per year on additional workers as it has a vacancy rate of one in five.

Manx Care's Chief Executive is Teresa Cope:

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