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Laughing gas to become illegal substance in line with UK

Nitrous Oxide will be 'Class C'

Nitrous oxide - or laughing gas as it's commonly known - is set to be classed as an illegal substance, in line with the UK.

The Department of Home Affairs has confirmed 'any schedules in the UK are mirrored here'.

The Isle of Man's Misuse of Drugs act says  “2 Controlled drugs and their classification for purposes of this Act (1) In this Act — (a) “controlled drug” means any substance or product for the time being specified — (i) in Part I, II or III of Schedule 2 to the UK Act;…”

By the end of the year it will become classed as a Class C substance.

In the UK - suppliers of nitrous oxide could be jailed for 14 years and users potentially locked up for two.

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