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Climate consultation 'an excuse to delay action'

Geoffrey Boot with the student climate strikers on 15 March

Green lobbyists unimpressed at proposed mitigation strategy

An environmental group calling for the Island to step up its efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, is disappointed with the latest government announcement.

While it is pleased the issue is now getting the attention it deserves, the Climate Change Coalition has questioned the environment minister's renewed approach to tackle it.  

In Tynwald this week, Geoffrey Boot launched a online consultation which could see public feedback inform fresh measures to reduce the Island's role in global warming.

A spokesperson from the group told Manx Radio of their reservations about the survey, and worries it could become an excuse to delay action.

They say government policy has already given permission to implement climate mitigation and therefore it requires no further agreement. 

"Why does government feel the need for consult on this matter," they ask, "when there was no consultation required over the granting of licences for exploration (and extraction) of fossil gas from our seas?"

Last month representatives from the Coalition, which is comprised of political, humanitarian, and charity groups, made a presentation to Tynwald members outlining how they believe the Island should be facing up to climate change.

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