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Ban for driver who refused to give police a breath sample

25-year-old stopped on suspicion of drink driving

A Ramsey man has been banned from the road for five years after failing to provide a breath sample to police.

James Charles William Milner, of The Vollan, was stopped near Maughold just before 6am on Wednesday (5 June).

Officers had noted his Toyota Yaris was driving slowly and weaving across the road; the 25-year-old had glazed eyes and his speech was slurred.

When they asked the 25-year-old to do a roadside breath test he refused; he was arrested and taken to Police Headquarters.

Milner was asked to do two breath tests at Police Headquarters but only gave a partial sample; the prosecutor told the court that indicated he was at least double the legal limit for alcohol.

During sentencing at Douglas Courthouse Milner’s advocate told the court his client had been on a night out but had lost his house keys so had made the decision to drive to his parents’ home.  

“He does not know why he didn’t do a roadside test,” he added: “He wishes to hold his hands up.”

Magistrates fined Milner £1000 telling him the offence was particularly serious ‘especially at this time of year given the extra traffic on the roads’.

Milner will remain disqualified until he’s taken and passed an extended driving test and education course; he also has to pay £125 in prosecution costs.  


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