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Amount spent on education per child 'worrying' says former minister

Isle of Man has the lowest per pupil expenditure in the British Isles

The amount the Isle of Man spends on education per child is 'worrying', according to former Education Minister Julie Edge

An independent report has been reviewing the current funding system on the Island.

It's found the average that's spent per pupil in the other Crown Dependencies is almost twice as high as it is here.

Jersey spends around £10,499 per child while Guernsey spends £10,098.

The Isle of Man was found to be the lowest among all examined regions, standing at £5,639.

Larger jurisdictions such as Wales and England had a per pupil expenditure of £6,773 and £7,160 respectively, while Scotland spent over £8,500.

Ms Edge believes her thoughts on prioritising government money may have contributed to her sacking:

You can read the report in full here.


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